March 2014

littleangel's 9th birthday


December 2013 - March 2014


marianne hazlewood - botanical painting

I have had a slight departure from the normal routine, as I have been painting for the last few months for the 2014 BISCOT competition, Botanical Images Scotia, watch this space to see the results of my work in May 2014...


November 2013


polley garden design - website design and social media elements design

Gillian came to us for a redesign of her website, including restructuring the site to incorporate a content managed system and the development of her branding to encompass her blog and new social media. We also set up her social media platforms and gave Gillian advice on administering them.

We created a fresh design for her website along with branded icons, backgrounds and banner layouts for social media encompassing her wordpress blog, twitter, facebook and linked in.


polley garden design website


polley garden design social media icons



polley garden design social media banners



polley garden design twitter


polley garde design facebook


polley garde design wordpess bblog


September 2013


jan southern - flow logo design

jan was looking for a logo to represent the essence of her company, she wanted the logo to also be identified with her name as a lot of her existing clients know the company as Jan Southern.


We worked on a number of ideas until we came up with this flow design which was inspired by the flow of muscles in a smooth state, which is what Jan aims to give her clients utilising specialist soft tissue therapy treatments.


This icon was develped from a wood grain detail after discussing the way that banisters and wood take on a really smooth patina and display their wood grain in a polished smooth surface.


We have also developed a social media icon version of the logo in a square format.


jan southern flow logo and social media icon


August 2013


bjr systems - website redesign and exhibition stand design

bjr systems were at an exhibition in early September and asked for a restyling of their website and also for a design for their existing 8 panel exhibition stand. We picked up the rebrand that we had recently done with the illustrations of their design layouts, some case study photography and some stock photography to represent their range.


bjr 8 panel exhibition stand design
bjr website design


housing options scotland - gillett logo design

housing options scotland asked us to adjust their logo to fit the gilletts and jackets for their recent stand at Leuchars Air Show, they wanted something that would stand out and be visible across the exhibition room, arn't they a happy bunch (-_-).


housing options scotland gillett logo design


July 2013


bjr systems logo rebrand and business card & letterhead design


bjr were looking for an update of their existing logo, we used their existing icon and looked for a new font to accompany it and looked at new ways to present their symbol with the new font. We also developed a new business card and letterhead developing the branding with a set of illustrations developed from some of bjr systems design layouts.

bjr logo design
bjr business card and letterhead

June 2013


force core fitness logo and postcard

Force Core fitness are a new personal training company who came to us looking for a name and brand to represent their services. The trainers are ex military and wanted to express this and appeal to an all inclusive client base, including not just individuals but also group training.


We worked on various ideas and refined our concepts with our clients feedback to present a winged symbol with charlie's angels style fit clients working out. This matched the personal experience of ex jet fighter pilots and incorporated fit boys and girls.


We also developed a postcard advertising the services offered by Force Core Fitness which gave us a chance to further develop and play with the branding style further. We decided to have a bit of fun with the layout utilising the winged shape to encapsulate the services and contact details.


bea alexander logo and posters


May 2013


housing options scotland postcard and banner

Housing Options Scotland wanted a rerun of their Military Matters postcard with the addition of a new accreditation logo and also an exhibition banner for an upcoming exhibit.


We worked with the vector graphics that we created for the initial postcard and scaled them up and rearranged them slightly to suit the space. The main branding developed for Housing Options Scotland was used, providing a visual link between Housing Options Scotland exhibition banners and the Military Matters banner so if necessary they can be displayed together and will compliment each other, however they also both remain distinct through colour and style. (Visit year 8 to see the banners developed earlier for Housing Options Scotland), however they can also stand alone.


We have just been asked for a further reprint of the postcards.


bea alexander logo and posters


andrea geile website updates

Andrea had some new corten steel sculptural and environmental art pieces, including some pylon based art works to add to her gallery, and we have also added social media linking into the header of the site and had a review of some of the search engine optimisation.


andrea geile website


April 2013


freja designer dressmaking flyer and postcard

freja designer dressmaking asked for a flyer that they could update and print in house, so we developed a design for Word which includes the branded graphics that we have developed together over the last few years, and a set area that Mette can update as and when required.


We also revisited some postcards that needed new location details and new VOWs nominee awards added to and organised the printing through


bea alexander logo and posters


April 2013


bea alexander logo and signage

Bea Alexander wanted a logo for her new studio - The Grange Studio, so we looked at a logo that could be used for The Grange Studio, Bea Alexander Pilates and both. As the studio is in a leafy area within Edinburgh, Bea wanted to reflect the environment. She had a teal and white colour scheme that we worked with, she also had a sunflower yellow wall in one studio which we have used to showcase the logo and may be used in future designs. We helped Bea to apply the logo to Word based posters that Bea can update as required and also on signage for her studio.


bea alexander logo and posters



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