March 2007

littleangel's 2nd birthday :)



Spacey wanted a new site to give information about tattooing, piercing and also his studio details. The design was populated with existing content, the gallery is to be updated with new images. We thought that presenting the site on skin might be a fun idea...


February 2007


Imarni required a brochure site to showcase their beauty products and therapies, they wanted a design to reflect the aqua theme that runs throughout their treatments and products and worked with their existing branding.



av dynamite sells premium home cinema equipment and accessories, designed to maximise your home cinema experience. Corporate branding was developed with a focus on the symbol, which reflects the business name and the feel of the company, this works in tangent with the clients consultancy service av doctor.

The site design was developed to showcase the products in a crisp clean stage, the red background and watermarking adding the "spark". This technical build was done in conjunction with rg-cs.


domain name scams

We have had a couple of calls from concerned clients regarding domain name registration, the following article may be useful to you if you have experienced this:

Some unscrupulous companies are running various domain name scams intended to mislead or frighten you into transferring your domain name to them or to register an alternative domain name with them. This document is intended to provide some advice for identifying these domain scams and for reporting them to the relevant authorities.

"Another company is trying to register your name"

The first type of domain scam often involves a company phoning you claiming that someone is trying to register an alternative version of your domain name. They will offer you the chance to register that domain name at a high price to "prevent the other person from taking your domain name". They will often give you a short time limit, maybe only a few minutes, to decide whether you want to register that domain name and prevent someone else from taking it.

The people allegedly about to register the other name rarely, if ever, exist, although there have been instances where the alternative domains have been registered by "the other person". If this happens, it is most likely that the domain scammers are "the other person" and have registered the domain name themselves.

Our advice is not to register any domain names with any company making such claims. If you feel the domain name is important to you, register the domain name online with us or another provider at much lower prices. You may be able to do this even while you discuss matters with the domain scammers.

"Renew your domain name now or lose it!"

Another type of domain scam is where a company sends what appears to be a domain renewal invoice through the post, even though they are not your domain registrar. These "invoices" warn you that you should renew your domain registration with that company or risk losing your domain name. The design and wording of the "invoice" has often been carefully chosen so that it appears to be a renewal invoice, whilst technically and legally it could be classed only as a transfer notice.

Our advice is to only accept domain renewal notices from the company that you registered your domain name with in the first place. If you are in any doubt as to who you should pay for domain renewals, contact your existing domain registrar.

Dealing with domain scammers

We also recommend that you obtain as much information as possible about the domain scammers and report them to the relevant authorities. Ask for their name and address, their website address and any other information you can think of.

If the domain name scammer is UK based, report them to your local Trading Standards office. It may also help to report the incident to your local police as an attempted fraud.

If the domain scammer is outside the UK, especially in the USA or Canada, you can report them to the IFCC, the FTC and many other organisations. Complaints are taken seriously in the USA and Canada and there have been some successful prosecutions.



January 2007

branding, website & stationery redesign

Francis Cassidy was looking for a redesign of his branding, site and also of his stationery including business card, letterhead and an A4 leaflet folded to 1/3 A4.

Acu-wellness is an auricular (ear) acupuncture service the branding was to hint at the origins of acupuncture, and work in an up to date format.

We worked on and developed ideas inspired by Chinese woodblock and contemporary signage keeping and developing an original illustration of the ear used in earlier renditions of Francis logo.


branding & illustrations

larkin and catcher asked for a logo and illustrations for their online boutique.

We worked to create a unique / sinister /eccentric feel with hares taking on the characters of Larkin and Catcher.

different. little. things.


December 2006

happy new year - littleangel design wishes you the all best for 2007 :)

site update

Cotterell Light Centres asked for new flash presentation to highlight the range of products on sale within their online shop and in stores. We have used various roomsets featuring many of their products along with their strapline "lighting, furniture, accessories" to this end. There are various of these presentations so we can swap around to keep the site looking fresh.


logo design

Stephanie May Performance Centre required a logo to be used initially on their corporate stationery with a variation to be embroidered on to black hoodys for the dancers to wear.

They wanted a logo that reflects the modern dance styles that they teach and to be attractive to the young people that participate.

to be included in the portfolio - watch this space...


November 2006

site rebuild

littleangel design has been very busy over the last year and a half and is very pleased to announce that as of December, will be working with rg-cs (really good computer services).

littleangel design and rg-cs will be subcontracting work to each other on a project by project basis. littleangel providing design and build services, rg-cs providing technical support and assistance on technical builds.

In addition rg-cs can provide technical support services including:

  • reliable small business & home pc support
  • professional solutions & friendly advice
  • networking
  • email
  • internet & wifi security
  • support contracts
  • installation & upgrades
  • hardware & software maintenance

If you would like to find out more about what rg-cs can offer your business call on 0773 346 8124 or visit the site to see a list of services.


September 2006

print work & rebranding

Wedding list Scotland is currently being rebranded as Wedding List UK, as such the site will be changing shortly.

littleangel has just sent to print designs for Wedding List UK's new leaflet, cassette banners and exhibition board to be displayed at the The Best Scottish Weddings Exhibition - Braehead Arena 23rd & 24th of September 2006

In development are designs for new corporate stationery and a Wedding Pack


new site

bliss has an existing brand which has been developed further to create their website design. This site is currently under construction, it will comprise an ecommerce shop and news & events diaries for dance and dancewear in and around the edinburgh area


branding, print work & new site and are utilities for fitness instructor Susan Rowley, over the last few months we have developed corporate branding and stationery including, a duel company business card, a one stop postcard, tshirt designs and adverts.

Two sites are currently being developed with online shop, class booking, newsletter, blog and much more..


August 2006

logo design

Cotterell light Centres have a new venture "igloo" which is their new high street store, reselling lighting, furniture and accessories.

littleangel design has created a logo and symbol. The logo is based around the styling of the existing CLC logo. The symbol depicts an igloo but is abstract enough to suggest a home, a light or even an accessory, depending upon what you want to see...


new site

bjr systems ltd. required a professional showcase for their product ranges and for their design and bespoke manufacturing capabilities.

The design compliments the curve of the eye in the branding, the eye is used further in the framing of some of the images and this method of framing is used further in other framing shapes.

This site is undergoing development, and will be maintained by littleangel.


July 2006

branding & illustration

Larkin and Catcher asked me to come up with a logo and idea of it's usage on stationery and some illustrations which are to be used on their stationery and website.


June 2006

Print work & site updates

The Ocean Jewellery site has been updated with new products which also appear in the latest edition of their catalogue, photography by Iain S Wallace. this is edition 3, you can see their new range on their updated site as well...


Site updates

littleangel is now maintaining for Karoline Kuprat, illustrator and card designer, Karoline has just added a new greetings card range the "Rabbit Range" to be published in July 2006.


May 2006

new site, an online game using real player stats, littleangel has created logo design, layout graphics and icons, styles & advertising, some areas are still in development.


branding & new site

Hazlewood Narrowboats are looking for a site to showcase their narrowboats, they are a small independent company whom build and fit out narrowboats to bespoke specifications. This site is under construction.

littleangel developed branding to complement the Hazlewood name and has developed this in to a template website design focusing on a narrowboat theme and traditional colour scheme.


site updates

littleangel has added a new gallery to Andrea Geile's site in time for her summer shows.


site updates

Jeremy Sutton Hibbert asked for a small adjustment to his site structure, the navigation has expanded to include news, cv & souvenirs and a link to his blog.


April 2006

site redesign

littleangel redesigned the layout and graphics for the caravanguard site. Using their logo as a basis to start from littleangel developed the logo graphic to create a new format. Their web developers have redesigned the site to fit the design.


site updates

Peter Marshall is submitting his new work, featured on his site as a Turner Prize Entry 2007, littleangel created a flash framework to house his ideas combining his movies, artwork & research.


print work

littleangel has have completed an A3 3 fold leaflet for Cotterell Light Centres which for use at the shows that they are exhibiting at now and in the next few months, as well as promoting the site it features a competition "find charlie" the Cotterell's dog, a site based competition.


site updates

littleangel has been updating various sections of the Cotterell Light Centres / CLC Living site, to bring them into line with the new branding and layout and also to optimise the pages for search engine recognition.

There are some new additions too, including a competition to find Charlie, the Cotterell dog, a news, press & events section and a problem page (faq).




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